Helping to the mankind is one of the strongest way to rule over the evil. It is our duty to make a strong, There are several people and organizations working day and night for the help of poor humanity, Marriam Welfare International Trust is one of them. Started in 1974 by Abdul Aziz, one of the smallest Transporter in Karachi. He do the work for true human, now this time her Daughter started a mission. The name is maryam ka mission & now this time Established name is Marriam Welfare International Trust the first organization to introduce true human rights in Pakistan. With a mission to work as a non-political, non-governmental and non-profitable organization,

the trust started its fight against all forms. their private law firms and through donations from the public. They receive no financial support from the government or any other institution. You can send Donations and "Zakat" by cheque to the Maryam Inrwenational Welfare Trust. Alternatively, you can also make an Online Donation.

1. Education for unprivileged Pakistanis.
2. Give new life to Insane.
3. Helth Care & Patient Welfare program , Free medical treatment for needy and poor patients.
4. Food & Accessories for Poor and needy families.
5. Zakat disbursement to poor families.
6. Funeral arrangements.


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